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December 30, 2022 3 min read

Flowers In Indonesia


There is a plethora of floral options in Indonesia, from both indigenous and exotic varieties. Many of these flowers are employed in traditional rites and festivities because of their beauty, fragrance, and widespread availability. Roses, lilies, daisies, and orchids are some of the most widely cultivated types of flowers in Indonesia. Flowers like these can be seen in a variety of public and private gardens and parks across the country. Other, more exotic species of flowers can be found in Indonesia's tropical rainforests and other biodiverse locations, in addition to the ones listed above. These exotic blooms are highly sought after because of their rarity and distinctiveness and are frequently utilized in alternative medical treatments and other cultural rituals. Here are just a few of the beautiful flowers that can be found in Indonesia:


Fun fact: Indonesia has the second-largest biodiversity in the world because of its tropical weather and diversity in nature. Because of this, Indonesia is home to some of the most exotic flowers that have been discovered to date. From their gorgeous Melati to their famous Rafflesia Arnoldii, Indonesian native flowers have charmed flower lovers worldwide.


Types of Flowers In Indonesia

Since there are many flowers grown in Indonesia, here are the top 6 most popular varieties of flowers native to Indonesia.


Melati (Jasminum Sambac)


Known as one of Indonesia’s national flowers, the “Melati”, otherwise recognised as the Jasmine flower, is a beautiful yet small white flower with a pleasant fragrance. When inhaled, the “Melati” flower is supposed to reduce stress and improve a person’s mood. It is also used in a variety of food and drinks to enhance their flavour. The delicate features of “Melati” are also a symbol of purity and simplicity, it is commonly used within Indonesian tribes as part of their traditional attire for weddings and cultural ceremonies. 


Anggrek Bulan (Moon Orchid)


This type of orchid is known as “Anggrek Bulan” in Indonesia, which represents one of their national flowers known as the “charming flower” of Indonesia. Grown in various shades, the most popular in Indonesia are the purple and pink hues. “Anggrek Bulan” is also categorised as an epiphyte, which means this gorgeous flower grows on the surface of other plants rather than in soil.


Puspa Langka (Rafflesia Arnoldii)


Popular in South East Asia and known as the largest flower in the world, “Puspa Langka” or Rafflesia Arnoldii is the third national flower of Indonesia. Not only is it famous for its large size, but it’s known for its rotting scent, which gave it the nickname “corpse flower”. This flower can grow up to a meter in diameter and the biggest can weigh as heavy as 7kg. Although it takes 9 months to fully bloom, the “Puspa Langka” has a short life span with an average of 5-7 days at its full bloom. 


Cempaka (Magnolia Champaca)


The “Cempaka”flower grows in tropical and subtropical countries like Indonesia. Indonesians traditionally use the flower as floral offerings for prayers at temples and some women would accessorize their hair with it due to its sweet scent. Not only is it beautiful, but the “Cempaka”flower has other multi-purpose features where it can also act as a room fragrance, where the flowers are soaked in a basin of water, or is used decoratively on bridal beds.

Kembang Sepatu (Hibiscus Rosasinensis)


The Hibiscus flower, better known as“Kembang Sepatu” in Indonesia, is a gorgeous trumpet-shaped flower that comes in many shades of pink, red, yellow and orange. Funnily enough, it is named after the word shoe although it does not resemble a shoe at all! The red hibiscus is particularly popular in Bali, where it is continually used in prayers, as offerings to gods, or even as a representation of bravery.

Bunga Kamboja (Plumeria)


Bunga Kamboja” ,internationally known as Frangipani, is another famous flower in Indonesia. These five-petaled flowers bloom in elegant shades of white, cream, yellow, pink, lilac, or red. “Bunga Kamboja”is often associated with religious places and prayer ceremonies in Indonesia. These gorgeous flowers are also used as medicine to relieve pain and as decorative pieces in homes or ceremonies.

As we have seen, Indonesia is home to a wide variety of flowers, including both native and imported species. From the fragrant Jasmine and the colorful Hibiscus, to the exotic Plumeria and the cheerful Cempaka, Indonesia's flowers add a touch of beauty and color to the landscape. Whether you're a flower enthusiast or just appreciate the beauty of nature, Indonesia is a country that is sure to delight. So next time you're planning a trip, don't forget to take some time to admire the amazing array of flowers that Indonesia has to offer.