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January 27, 2021 3 min read

Are you looking to send flowers to a guy? Our main concern is, is it okay to send flowers to men? Indeed, this may come out as a shock, yet times are evolving as flowers truly are an ideal present for men too. In the current world that we live in now, flowers are not just for the ladies anymore. Flowers are for both men and women and perfect for all of life’s occasions

With regards to sending flowers as gifts, it may be difficult to choose the perfect gift because most flower arrangements are catered to women. Worry not because we know your struggle! It is difficult to pick the correct flower gift, especially when it is a gift for a man because most flowers may come off as too feminine and we want to ensure that our recipient will love the thoughtful gift we chose for them.

Well, Flower Chimp Indonesia has got you covered! Read on and discover the best flowers, endowments and occasions that are ideal for men!

The Best Flowers and Gifts For Men


Bloomy Days

Just like the sun, the large sunflowers incorporated in this bouquet will brighten anyone's day instantly! The sunflower symbolizes the sun itself and it conveys your adoration's while bringing joy to your loved one.

Kris Kringle

Whether is it for a romantic occasion or just another normal day, this bouquet will convey any message you have in mind. The mixture between the red roses, cotton flower and red berries are perfect in expressing your love and gratitude to your loved ones.

Sweet Sunrise

Brighten up anyone's day with sunflowers and rosebuds! Our Sweet Sunrise flower bouquet is the perfect gift when it comes to expressing your love and gratitude because nothing is more rewarding than seeing the most joyous smile on the face of the ones we love.

Trinity Box - The Only One

A treasure trove of timeless romance, passion and a little bit of magic; presented elegantly in a box of fresh roses - decked with beautiful gems on each blossom - and Ferrero chocolates, fit for that burning love of your life.

Trinity Box - Champagne Sentiment

An exclusive flower box brimming with the finest champagne roses that will easily convey your heartfelt emotions. This flower arrangement also comes with delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates to make your special occasion extra sweet.

What are the best occasions to send flowers to men?

Blossoms can be given on any event, and men love to get flowers for similar reasons they send them! For the same occasions they often send to women, women can return the gesture for the same occasions too! For instance, birthday events, commemorations and so forth. As another choice, women can likewise send flowers to commend their progression at work. Flowers for men are basically the same as to when it is given to women; an endowment of love. So express your adoration for the men in your life with the gift of beautiful flowers because as much as women love receiving flowers for no reason at all, a gift of flowers for him will work wonders too!

For more flowers and gift options for him, check out our  Flower Gift Collection and find the right gift and send it his way today! Flower Chimp Indonesia offers same-day deliveries too! So go ahead and let your relationships bloom today.