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Korean Style | Send a red roses bouquet

Order a 12 red roses bouquet for a special romantic occasion. The Korean Style red roses bouquet is an everlasting expression of love and passion. Send a Korean-style bouquet and enjoy same-day delivery with Flower Chimp.

The Korean Style: Classic, Trendy and Brilliant

What does come to your mind when you hear “Korean style”? Brilliant and bold colors, stylish fashion and the latest trends, of course! Korean style is amongst the top styles followed by the fashion world today. Korean style extends to more than just clothes, though. It encompasses the world of high fashion including clothes, watches and shoes, and also covers performance art, calligraphy, furniture design, and flowers!

In Indonesia, one can find Korean style flowers at Flower Chimp. A classical Korean style bouquet is one that consists of a dozen bright red roses wrapped up nicely. Flower Chimp’s Korean style bouquet comes wrapped in muted brown paper elegantly shaped into a Korean style fold-based design. The basic brown packaging allows the Korean style roses to stand out in a brilliant, beaming fashion.

From Korea to the world

Korean style has exploded in parts of the world, and has become common, popular and liked in the US, Canada, and the UK. In the Eastern world, even more, people are falling in love with Korean style. Young people from Thailand, Pakistan, India, and even Sri Lanka have been impacted by the influence of Korean style. This influence spread mainly through the impressive rise of K-pop and the world’s newfound thirst for cultural diversity. Korean style offers a refreshing break from the age-old heavy influence of the western world and colonizers.

The spread of Korean style can be credited to artists and groups like A-Pink, BTS and Stray Kids. Korean style music has established its roots in the hearts of many young people, globally. It is guaranteed that fans of K-pop will appreciate a bouquet of Korean style roses.

The Korean style bouquet: 12 red roses for romantic occasions

A dozen red roses are a fashionable way to make a statement, Korean style! When given as a gift to a lover, partner or spouse, they give a message of love, love, love! Korean style roses are also a very smart way to propose to your fiancé. The brilliant red color of the Korean Style roses delivers the expression of passion and desire. Red symbolizes carnal desire and romantic love. Red is an exceptionally brilliant color that grazes the hues of the sunset and sews them into one fine mesh-work of color. Check Flower Chimp romance collection for our signature Korean style bouquet and other gorgeous romantic blooms www.en.flowerchimp.co.id. Korean style roses can also be given as a gift on a date night, especially to send your partner a message of love. Other than for romantic purposes, Korean style roses are also a great gift for someone else you care deeply for, like a sibling or old friend.

Korean style roses are also a great gift for birthdays, especially for friends who are heavily influenced by Korean style or K-pop. Flower Chimp has an amazing bundle for such birthday events. The bundle includes a dozen of red Korean style roses packed to perfection. The roses are held together by the wrapping paper and tied up with a beautiful bow, also in red, Korean style. The second part of the bundle is the large foil balloon. The balloon says “happy birthday” in big, bold letters. Together, these two will put a smile on anyone’s face. Via Flower Chimp, have this Korean style gift delivered to your friend for their birthday.

The Korean style bouquet can also be presented to a friend who likes the color red, or to a friend visiting from Korea to remind them of their lovely homeland, and of their Korean style heritage.

Order a Korean style bouquet from Flower Chimp

To order a set of Korean style roses, visit Flower Chimp’s official website at www.en.flowerchimp.co.id. In the search box, type “Korean style” to find a bouquet that’s right for you. If you want a Korean style bouquet for a loved one, you can easily have it delivered to them via Flower Chimp. Delivery is guaranteed for same-day in Indonesia and abroad. Orders for Korean style bouquets placed before the cut-off time will be delivered the very same day.

Don’t wait, just order! Flower Chimp will deliver a bouquet of fresh, blooming Korean style roses to your loved one’s doorstep on the same-day!