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June 13, 2022 3 min read

Trying to show your friends your hometown and culture? Bring Indonesia to them! Indonesia is well-known for its cultural wealth and local wisdom passed down from generation to generation. Of course souvenirs could never truly encapsulate the beauty of Indonesian culture but it sure will persuade your friends to finally take a look at the life you have been living. 

You can bring a variety of souvenirs back from Indonesia with you, but there are so many different kinds of souvenirs available on the market that it might be difficult for you to select the appropriate products to give as gifts. Check out our rundown of the top five items suitable as Indonesian souvenirs as the first step to embracing the culture!


Monggo Chocolate 



The perfect souvenir for the sweet tooth friend! Monggo chocolate in Jakarta is known as one of our favourite snacks. Apart from the distinctive chocolate taste, the variety of shapes are also the main attraction. The Belgian chocolate fused with Javanese culture features an impressively diverse assortment of flavours and components. In the spirit of valuing traditions and a little taste of high-quality chocolate, Monggo chocolate is the go-to souvenir for your friends!






Where style meets culture - Batik is a wax-resistant dyeing technique, practiced for a significant amount of time in Indonesia. There are distinct patterns and colour palettes associated with each region of Indonesia. Prints that portray people, animals, flowers, or stories are common as Batik designs. Batik is extremely significant to Indonesians, and a significant number of people wear it to formal and informal gatherings both. Indonesians frequently make use of batik in a wide variety of rituals, ceremonies, traditions, celebrations, and even in day-to-day activities.



Gamelan Instruments



Here's a little something for your fellow music-lover friends - Indonesian music known asGamelanis played during important cultural events and rituals. Gamelan is steeped in tradition and culture. Each instrument has its own therapeutic melody that is sometimes used as treatment. Another instrument, known as the Kendhang, is responsible for controlling the tempo and rhythm of the pieces as well as the transitions from one area to another. Get your groove on and this souvenir will be perfect!






You may come across some locals who play this game in Indonesia. Because it is perceived as a "girl's game," the majority of participants are female. Despite this, it is still popular among men. “Congklak” is Indonesian for "cowrie shell," and some believe it is derived from the Malay term Congak. “Congak” represents mental calculation (without writing it down), which is also one way to play it. Now you don’t have to worry about running out of things to do with your friends!






The art of pottery-making dates back a significant amount of time in Indonesia. The majority of the ceramics produced in Indonesia are stoneware and earthenware. There is evidence of pottery production in Indonesia dating back to prehistoric times and used as a part of their daily lives. Giving pottery as a souvenir never fails to remind someone of how Indonesian culture began.


Any luck finding one that catches your eyes? No? Don’t worry! A souvenir is a token of appreciation for someone to remind them that you are thinking of them. Lucky for you,Flower Chimp Indonesia offers a wide variety of flowers and gifts that are perfect for him or for her. Check them out now and send them to your beloved one with our same-day delivery!